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Dean meeting a hellhound for the first time after he becomes a demon. Dean falls into a fighting stance only to have the hellhound knock him on his back and enthusiastically slobbering all over his face. Dean becoming the alpha of a pack of overgrown hellhound puppies. Sam seeing Dean asleep floating in the air assuming it's a new demon power when really Dean's snoozing at the top of a hellhound puppy pile.








Drag it.

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"Dean, did you eat the steak I -"  Sam stopped in the doorway, and his face scrunched up.  "What’s that smell?"

"What smell?"

"What smell?"

Dean’s transformation into a Knight of Hell hadn’t made him any better at lying to his brother.

"It smells like dog.  Wet dog."

"Nah, you’re imagining things, Sammy."

"No, I’m -hey!"  Something had shoved at the back of his knee.  Something heavy, and wet. And then there were teeth, worrying at his leg through his jeans, and Sam went into defensive mode, hand dropping to his knife, trying to find whatever it was mouthing at him.

"Sam, no!"  And then Dean was in front of him, alert, his hand reaching down to…pet something?  

"Down boy," Dean said, his voice low and calm, but firm.  "That’s my brother.  Don’t eat him."


No but imagine Dean getting Sam to build a large iron fence outside the bunker so he can let the hellhounds run around.

Imagine Dean having names for all of his hellhounds based on pop culture and past friends, and all Sam can hear occasionally is “Bad Joffrey I told you no eating my shoes!” and “Good girl, Charlie, you keep Adam in line now” and Sam is torn between being freaked out and laughing like an idiot because all he can see is his brother chasing an invisible floating shoe.

No but the hellhounds follow Dean everywhere. When he goes for food runs, shelves will mysteriously knock themselves over or carts will bump into nothing and Dean just kind of waves and smiles at all the confused people as he leads like 20 overexcited hellhounds through the grocery store like the pied fucking piper.